Alexia Kombou sat working in her home office. She is wearing headphones, blue jeans and a white t-shirt while typing at her laptop. She faces the camera, smiling.

My work

I help brands big and small connect with their customers through voice.

It’s likely you’ve heard my voice before. Whether it be on a TV or Radio Commercial, In your local Supermarket, on an explainer or corporate narration or on the end of the phone keeping you company whilst you’re on hold!

Whatever the industry or genre, my job is to connect with your target audience and lift your words off the page. My trustworthy, friendly and warm voice can certainly deliver on that promise.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of projects I have brought to life in the genres on TV and radio commercial, urban commercial, e-learning, corporate and explainer video narration, and telephone answering systems.


Commercial work for TV and Radio is where the voice of the brand really takes centre stage. Choosing the right voice for the product, company or service plays a significant role in the overall feel, tone and style of the advert. This is where my versatility really shines through.

Brands worldwide have trusted my voice to bring their brand to life. Whether it’s an upbeat vibe you’re looking for to get you hyped, or a relaxed and soothing read to calm the senses, I’ll bring the mood you need, all through the power of voice.

Here are just a few examples of how versatile my voiceover style is in the commercial world.

Clearscore Protect

TV Commercial For Clearscore – Find fix and defend against fraud

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Award winner – Best TV/Web commercial female, One Voice Awards 2022.

What Is Strong? - Stylist Magazine

Web Commercial for Stylist Magazine ‘What is Strong?’ Campaign. Stylist Magazine has a new mission: To make every woman stronger tomorrow than she is today.

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Award winner – Best Female Voiceover TV/Web commercial, One Voice Awards 2021

Love Women Campaign - Stylist Magazine

Web Commercial for Love Women Campaign – We want to see women, and we want women to love what they see.

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Award winner –  Best Female Voiceover TV/Web commercial, One Voice Awards 2020.

Ahmad Tea TV Commercial

TV Commercial for Ahmad Tea – “We know what it takes to be an artist.

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Nivea Q10 Energy

TV Commercial for Nivea Q10 Energy

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I am the voice of Nivea Q10 Energy

Novotel TV Ad - That’s Inspired

TV Commercial for Novotel Hotels

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Goodbye Stereotypes. Hello Zerotypes - Zalando

TV Commercial for Zalando ‘a campaign that offers a glimpse into a world free from stereotypes. A place free from judgment, where you are encouraged to express yourself and never be held back by outdated labels.

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The Court is our Home - Dunlop Tennis

Web Commercial for Dunlop Tennis made during the Pandemic. That the court is always our home.

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‘Barking Heads’ Sponsorship Ident for Bake Off The Professionals

Barking Heads Proud Sponsors of Bake Off The Professionals

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Prime Video Kids Zone

Web Commercial for Prime Video Kids Zone.

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Swoon Furniture TV Commercial

TV Commercial for Swoon Furniture ‘Furniture For The Home Obessed’

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Video On Demand for AO.COM Hassle Free dinners

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SEIDR perfume

Web Commercial for Seidr Perfume – Be a Force of Nature

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AO.COM Boxing Day Campaign

TV Commercial AO.COM Boxing Day Offers

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Polestar 2

Polestar 2 SponsorshipIdent for Film4.

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Web Commercial for LG

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Urban Commercial

Here is where we focus on my London roots. There’s something about the gritty, authenticity of a London accent. If you’re looking for something real, raw and powerful or more emotional, honest and vulnerable, my urban style is what you’re after.

If you’re not sure, take a listen to the projects I’ve worked on that will either move you, or get you moving!

STRIPPD Vegan Protein Powder

TV Commercial for STRIPPD.

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Adidas Web Commercial

Web Commercial for United We Stand campaign. Representing diverse backgrounds and championing an all inclusive brand

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UMBRO - England Rugby Kit

Web Commercial for Umbro – promoting the Englad Rugby Umbro Kit.

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SMYLE - Let’s Not Do Normal

Web Commercial promoting the company Smyle and their values.

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Chelsea Womens FC

Web Commercial promoting Chelsea Womens FC

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Adidas Switch Fwd

Web Commercial promoting the new Adidas trainers

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When taking part in e-learning courses, or watching training videos in a new job role, you want to feel inspired and motivated to learn and absorb the information. Having voiced e-learning projects for over 8 years, I have the skills to bring the correct level of enthusiasm, articulation and inflection to keep learners engaged throughout.

Gucci Stores

Employee video for Gucci.

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Legoland Staff Learning Journey

Elearning course for Legoland staff.

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Nominated – One Voice Awards 2022  – Best Performance E-Learning

Let’s bring your next E-Learning project to life.

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Female voiceover Alexia Kombou wearing a pale hoodie, smiling at the camera with out-of-foccus trees in the background.


Animation is a lot of fun! Bringing a character to life is a real challenge, but it can be one of the most creative and rewarding genres of voiceover work.

MIKO The Animated Series

Animated series – Playing the role of Mom

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Terra - Children’s Animation

Sustainability Pavilion Tour with Robot Guardian Terra.

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Blade & Bounce - Wimbledon Kids

Animated series for Youtube exploring the Wimbledon Tennis traditions.

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Corporate Narration & Explainer Videos

A corporate video serves to promote a company’s values and objectives. These clients hire me to shout about their achievements and communicate effectively why they’re so brilliant.

When a company wants to promote their product or service, they’ll usually use an explainer video as the favoured choice of communication. My natural, friendly and approachable vocal style lends itself well to both corporate and explainer projects.

Natura & Co. Brand Film

Natura &Co’s Commitment to Life sets out bold targets for the next decade to step up their actions and tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues: addressing the climate crisis and protecting the Amazon, ensuring equality and inclusion, and shifting our business towards circularity and regeneration.

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Nominated for Best Overall Performance – Corporate Explainer at the One Voice Awards 2022.

Explainer video for the Department of Health and Social Care

Animated training video on how to do a coronavirus test for people you care for in a mental health or learning disabilities care setting.

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I was the voice of the ‘how to’ videos for the NHS Test and Trace instructional videos during the pandemic.

Hardt Cargoloop Explainer Video

Explainer video to describe the Hardt Cargoloop

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AO.COM What can I expect on delivery day?

Explainer Video for AO.COM to learn more about what happens on the day of delivery.

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Hugh James

The Importance of having an up to date will – Animated Explainer Video.

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Polestar 1 prototype build Corporate Video

Polestar prototype explainer video.

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Nominated for Best Overall Performance – Corporate Explainer 2018

Let’s Talk about Salt

Explainer Animation for EU Salt.

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Explainer Video for Enreach.

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Climate Outreach

Climate change awareness explainer animation for Climate Outreach.

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Promo Video for the WWF.

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Centrica Brand Film

Corporate Video for Centrica

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Send me your copy and I’ll record a sample of your script.

Telephone Answering Systems (IVR)

“Please hold, and someone will be right with you”.

We all know what it’s like to be on the end of the phone line and it’s likely you’ve been listening to me on a few occasions! I’m the phone voice of E.ON, Virgin Experience Days, Currys, SK:N Clinics, Agiito, Markel, Network Homes and many more!

It’s so important to lend a friendly, informative and human voice to Telephone Answering Systems, as the customer may be listening for a while. It makes the wait that little bit easier if the voice on the end of the line feels more like a friend and not a robot!

EON Live Chat was nominated for Best Overall Performance – Telephony/IVR at the One Voice Awards 2021.

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