Alexia Kombou sat working in her home office. She is wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Room colours are minimal, pale with a gold lamp and her voiceover awards on shelves in the background.

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Demos and Reels

I help brands big and small to connect with their customers through voice.

My warm, youthful and rich voice is a great fit for commercial, corporate and explainer styles, but I have a wealth of experience in most genres of voice work.

Demo reels

Have a listen to what my versatile London voice can offer you in the demos below. If you’d like a custom voiceover demo for your project, just give me a bell or email.

I’m the perfect voice for you if you’re looking to add that extra zing to your project. As a professional voiceover I bring the vocal skills needed to get the result my clients want.

My sound

How my voice sounds

A youthful and vibrant millennial voice with smooth, warm and velvety tones.

Pitch: Female, teen to 30s, mid pitch.
Tone: Inspiring, conversational, trustworthy, friendly.
Accent: British, English, London, RP.
Style: Cool, fresh, young, vibrant, smooth, warm, versatile, millenial.

My home studio sound

I can record from your studio or remotely from my studio in London, UK. Here’s an example of how my home studio sounds – raw and unfiltered. 

If you’d like a custom demo of your script, send it over and I’ll record a sample for you from my home studio. 

My work

You’re right, that’s me you can hear when you pop into your local Co-op or call E.ON.

But I’m not just in the supermarket and on the end of your phone line, you can also hear me on your TV too!

You’ve probably heard me on the Clearscore and AO.COM adverts, and loads more, which you can find below…

Clearscore TV Commercial - The Dark Web Marketplace

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WINNER – One Voice Awards 2022  – Television/Web Commercials – Best Performance, Female.

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, get in touch below. I’d love to chat in more detail!

Alexia Kombou sat working in her home office. She is wearing headphones, blue jeans and a white t-shirt while typing at her laptop. She faces the camera, smiling.

Some clients you might just recognise...

Happy Clients

Some nice things my clients have said about my work!

Alexia Kombou sat cross legged on white garden furnitre, wearing blue jeans and a white jumper. She is writing into a notebook and smiling at the camera.

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About Alexia

My voice has been described as warm, engaging and trustworthy with a cool youthful vibe. Perfect for your commercial and corporate projects, or really any place you need to clearly convey your message!

I get a real buzz from a challenging script or campaign message. I love how varied my clients are and the genres I work in, from being the voice in the local supermarket to the voice of a worldwide brand. Most importantly, I’m extremely grateful for the relationships I’ve built with my clients over the years and the exciting work we’ve created together.